CN Journeys VR Experience (2019)

Original music, sound design, and mix for CN Journeys VR Experience trailer and original music and sound design for the game itself.

I was super lucky to have been involved in this project featuring so many talented artists at Cartoon Network. I was involved in the prototypes for Beyond Beeville and Jest to Impress. For Beyond Beevile, I provided both music and sound design and in Jest to Impress I focused on sound design and implementation in FMOD. 


We had just one month to come up with a design and prototype for each project - so a lot of the challenges of working on this project involved getting things in the game and functional in a really short amount of time. One of my favorite moments of working on this game was working with the writer for Beyond Beeville, Tom Herpich, to create a radio theme song. We had an idea of doing a sort of old timey radio show that plays in the player bee's house so I wrote a 1920's inspired ragtime melody on piano and asked Tom to come up with some lyrics. Tom had no lyrical experience and I rarely compose songs so we were both a little out of our comfort range. We recorded it the next day and what started as a really silly experiment turned into a legitimately cute and funny theme song.

On a more technical note, both of these prototypes were started in Unity using Oculus Rift and FMOD. At the time I was working on a Mac and my options for audio middleware that were compatible with Mac, Unity, and Oculus API's were limited so FMOD was the best option. Using middleware for the prototypes was critical for me to be able to set up temp events for our programmer to hook up before the sounds were ready to be implemented. It also allowed me to stay out of the Unity scenes as much as possible so we could try to avert repository merge conflicts. Unfortunately I think that in the later development of the game they decided to forego using FMOD but during the prototype stage it was super helpful.

For the trailer music, I had a difficult job of trying to get all of the very different experiences in the game to feel like one cohesive experience. I wanted to show off different sides of each experience - the wonder of Beyond Beeville, the silliness of Jest to Impress, and the spacey/trippy qualities of Kosma Kwest while still tying it together to create something unique, fun, and inspirational. I focused on using voice and light/spacey synth textures to create a sense of wonder and cosmic-ness, and flute and banjo textures for Jest to Impress to mimic the jester's instruments and bring out silliness.

Check out CN Journeys VR Experience here:


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