Sisyphus is a short claymation film written, animated, and directed by Eric Wright. Using the tragic Greek myth of Sisyphus as an analogy, the film explores the juxtaposition of career and personal life.

As sound designer, my goal was to bring the animation to life with realistic audio. I recorded foley sounds to bring realistic movement to the characters as well as the objects they interact with. One of the sounds I spent the most time on was the boulder rolling. I wanted to give a sense of the weight of the rock as well as the burden on the character. Working with stopmotion was a fun challenge in determining how the sound can work to support the animation. Paying attention to details in the sound helped integrate the audio with the picture.

Sisyphus won "Best Animation" at Los Angeles Film Awards 2017, honorable mention for "Animation" and "Original Score" at Festigious Film Festival 2017, and was selected for Fun Size Horror's "DARK, DEADLY & DREADFUL" series for October 2016.



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