Music Reel

Say No! More
(IGF Excellence in Audio Award Nominated 2021)

Select tracks from the original soundtrack to Say No! More. All tracks written, produced, and mixed by myself.


Watch Me Go/Rocket League Anthems

Select tracks from the Rocket League Anthem pack Watch Me Go. All tracks written, produced, and mixed by myself.


The Other Half

Select tracks from the original soundtrack to The Other Half. All tracks written, produced, and mixed by myself.

Solo Piano

Downtempo Ambient (Various)

Select tracks from a variety of projects and personal writing. All tracks written, produced, and mixed by myself.


Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Foodimals

Select tracks from the voice game Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: Foodimals. All tracks written, produced, and mixed by myself.

Children's Music

Small Ensemble

Select tracks from personal projects.


Video Reel

Examples of some of my more recent work: in game capture of some of my anthems in Rocket League at 00:00, Say No! More at 00:50, 30s Cartoon Network Journey's VR trailer at 02:49, and The Other Half at 03:18. 


Examples of my music featured in trailers

About me as a composer

I'm an award-nominated composer who specializes in electronic music. I've been composing music for games for almost 7 years. I value and prioritize being adaptable in a variety of genres and tend to challenge myself with something new in each project, whether that's instrumentation, tools, or creating interactive music. I'm excited about creating music that enhances a game's narrative and think audio should always be an integral part of development. I'm drawn to game audio because I enjoy having the opportunity to create interactive music and the friendships I form with my teams over the course of the development cycle.

Stylistically I tend to gravitate towards anything involving synths. I love working with electronic instruments of all kinds and in all genres! I especially love musical sound design - whether that's creating my own synth patches, messing around with my modular, or sampling. I write both groove based and ambient music, and like doing both equally. Recently I've been enjoying working with dirtier sounding synths and industrial inspired sounds like you can hear in my Rocket League anthems.


In addition to electronic music, I also studied orchestration and arranging at Berklee College of Music, and graduated in 2014 as a piano principal with a degree in film scoring and minor in video game scoring. I had the opportunity to intern under Henry Jackman and Lorne Balfe after graduating.


 I also have a complementary set of skills as a sound designer. Having experience in game audio outside of music has helped me develop an understanding of how both music and sound design interact with each other in games and helped me develop additional technical experience in implementation and mixing.