Sound Design

Sound Editing

Drawing from experience in a wide range of styles and genres, I create unique sound pallettes to fit your project.

My compositional focus is in writing dynamic original music for video games, film, and interactive digital art. I'm knowledgeable of a variety of styles of music and recreate them to fit the needs of your project. From orchestral, to electronic, to ambient soundscapes, I have experience and interest in a diverse range of musical styles. To create unique sound palettes for each project, I focus on using virtual instruments, synths, sampling, and acoustic instruments. Specifically in games, I love designing interactive music to create evolving experiences to engage the player.

For projects that need audio cleanup, I work with raw or problem audio to deliver a clean product for listeners to enjoy.

I record and edit foley, ambience, dialogue, and VO for film and games. For short and feature length films, I clean up location audio and fill in or replace foley and ambience gaps. I'm fluent in Pro Tools as the standard industry editing tool, as well as popular editing and denoising plug-ins. I also sync and conform audio to any picture edits that occur during post production. Sound editing is crucial to making a project sound polished whether it's a film, game, or podcast. If you have audio that needs some help, send it my way!

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