The Other Half (2018)

Original music and sound design.

My favorite parts of working on this game were making the creature sound design and super atmospheric minimalist music.  I really love anything horror related so working on horrific/creepy creature design was very cool. I made most of the creature sounds from voice textures - both my own and our voice actors. The creatures in this game are unique in that then needed to still sound somewhat human for design purposes. This is most clearly illustrated when you fight Barnes halfway through the game after he's been tainted by the demonic plague. My goal was to make him sound more pitiful than scary. I made similar decision with the centipede enemy you fight late in the game. It's large and kind of horrifying looking, but it doesn't really try too hard to hurt you so for its sound design I focused on screams and quick breathing sounds to emphasize that its more scared of you than wanting to harm you. 

Early on in the development of this game I focused heavily on the ambience. I knew there was going to be a lot of silence during the game - both the developer and I are big Dark Souls fans and we appreciate music being sparse instead of continuous. I created the ambience to feel cold, dynamic, and hopefully a little bit eerie while the Hunter journeys up the mountain.

For the music we always had a concept of eventually transitioning the style of the music from something traditional/minimalist to something more modern. Having the opportunity to write really delicate and minimalist piano music was a treat for me, but I also enjoyed getting to write more ambient/textural stuff later in the game and also going a bit harder for the boss battles. I've written a good amount on the music for this game here if you're interested in reading more:

OST available here:

Composer/Sound Designer: Julie Buchanan

Game Designer and Programmer: Fred Yang

Artist: Maryyann Landlord

Play the game here: 


© 2018 by Julie Buchanan