Julie Buchanan

audio designer

I currently live in San Diego with my partner and two cat daughters. I've been working as a contractor in game audio for almost 6 years. I've gained a lot of organizational and communication skills from working as a contractor, but I also really value the growth that happens when I get to work with audio teams. I love having variety in my work and am grateful to be able to have had the opportunity to create both sound and music for a variety of projects. I think having experience on both sides of the game audio world has helped me improve at both. Some of my favorite genres to work in are horror, narrative-driven, and sci-fi. I love creating creature and gore sound design, and writing electronic music. 

Before moving to San Diego I got my start at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA as a Film Scoring major and Video Game Scoring minor. Afterwards I moved to Los Angeles, CA where I interned under Henry Jackman and Lorne Balfe at Remote Control Productions. I pivoted into game audio after my internships ended and started teaching myself sound design. I've been happily creating game audio ever since!

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Julie Buchanan

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Featured Projects

Say No! More

Say No! More is out! I'm super happy to share that I did both music and sound for this game.

Get the soundtrack HERE!

Get the game here:

iOS - apps.apple.com/us/app/say-no-more/id1528696908
Switch - www.nintendo.co.uk/-1947857.html
Steam - store.steampowered.com/app/1191900/