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Julie Buchanan

Composer Sound Designer

photo by Lawrence Jung

My focus as an audio designer is to enhance gameplay and emphasize narrative by bringing my unique perspective and skillset to my team. From five years of freelance experience, I've developed flexibility in adapting to multiple workflows and pipelines with both independent and corporate clients, organization to manage multiple projects at once, and communication skills to collaborate with diverse teams efficiently. I especially value being part of a team and building friendships with those I work with.


I was inspired to work in games by my love of stories that make you feel transported to another world and fall in love with their characters. I'm drawn to narrative in media of any genre, but particularly love the non-linear aspects of game storytelling, and the additional technical challenges of designing interactive audio. My passions in sound and music involve experimenting with musical sound design, creating my own instruments, and breaking all the rules. Before creating audio for a project, I focus on how the sound fits into the game world, what kind of interactivity can be implemented, how to be creative within restrictions, and how the sound is going to enhance gameplay.


I got my start in game audio at Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA) where I received a Bachelor's of Music degree in film scoring with a video game scoring minor. After graduating, I moved to Los Angeles and interned at Remote Control Productions at Henry Jackman and Lorne Balfe's studios. Since then I have worked as a contractor on a variety of games, films, apps, and VR experiences. Some of my work can be found on projects such as Sony's Ghostbusters: Franchise 84, Cartoon Network's Journeys VR Experience,  "You Must be 18 or Older to Enter" (winner of Media Choice Award at Indiecade 2016), "Temporality" (jury select for 19th Japan Media Arts Festival), and "The Other Half".

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Featured Projects

CN Journeys VR
CN Journeys VR Experience

"Cartoon Network Journeys VR is a collection of three original VR experiences that give short glimpses into other worlds. Save your colony from collapse as a one-winged bee. Entertain the King and his subjects as jester of the court. Complete metaphysical lessons to become Supreme Deity of the Cosmos." - Steam page description